Kerala dishes mainly include grated coconut, coconut milk for thickening the curries and is also used as a flavoring ingredient. Rice is a major food product in Kerala. Kerala foods are very spicy. Black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon play a large part in its food.

Kerala Spices


The main spices used are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, green and red peppers, cloves, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric, and so on. Keralites also uses curry leaf, coriander and mint. Tamarind, kodampuli (Garcinia Cambogia), and lime are the sour foods in Kerala. Tamarind-Jaggery - Ginger chutney known as puliinji or injipuli are popular.



Herbal teas is served during mealtimes. Cumin seeds, ginger or coriander seeds are boiled in water and served warm or at room temperature. In addition to the improved taste, the spices also have digestive and other medicinal properties. Sambharam, is one of the most favorite beverage od Keralites.


Pickles and other side-dishes

Kerala cuisine also has a variety of pickles and chutneys, and crunchy pappadums, banana chips, jackfruit chips, kozhalappam, achappam, cheeda, and churuttu. The pickles vary from mango, lime, meet, fish, prawns, kadumanga and even tomato.



The main breakfast of Keralites include Puttu (made of rice powder and grated coconut, steamed in a metal or bamboo holder) and kadala (a curry made of black garbanzo beans chana), idli - sambar, dosa - chutney, Idiyappam (Noolputtu and Nool-Appam) and egg curry, Paal Appam accompanied by mutton, chicken or vegetable stew or a curry of beef or fish moli etc.


Lunch and dinner

The major Kerala lunch dish is rice. Kanji, a kind of rice porridge, is also popular. Tapioca, often called kappa, is popular in central Kerala and in the highlands, and is frequently eaten with fish curry. Rice is usually accompanied with more than one curry. Popular vegetarian dishes include sambar, aviyal, Kaalan, theeyal, thoran, pulisherry, olan, erisherry, puliinji, peas, tapioca etc.



Kerala is well known for its sadhya, a vegetarian meal served with boiled. The sadhya is served on a banana leaf with three or more courses of rice with sambar, rasam, pulissery etc. At last it is followed by one or more Payasam.


Sweets and Desserts

Payasam is a main dessert in Kerala. Variety of payasams are Paal payasam, Ada payasam, Paripu payasam, Pazham pradhamam, Gothambu payasam etc. Main fruits in Kerala are Banans, Mangos, Jack fruits etc.


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